Once your Horizon 2020 project has been invited for grant agreement preparation (GAP) by the EC, there are 10 main steps to preparing the EU contracts and setting up your project. For each step accelopment can offer the following services:

Agreement on the project start date: Propose a start date to the EC Project Officer that is also convenient for all partners. We can advise you on the best possible options depending on the reporting periods, different universities` requirements, the project work plan and other factors.

Provision of partner information: In the EU web portal (SyGMa), all partners need to provide some administrative information. We manage the consortium contacts and ensure that consortium members, from the scientific team leaders, the central administrators to the financial project responsibles have access to the project`s administrative forms. This allows us the partners to verify their organisation`s legal data and project specific details

Validation of partners: All first time participants to an EU Framework project (here: Horizon 2020) need to be validated by the EC, namely the Research Executive Agency (REA). We help theses partners by guiding them through the bureaucratic process of the validation, preparing the registration documents for the LEAR, i.e. the legal and administrative representative of the organisation and ensuring that the validation is completed is quickly as possible as this tends to be one of the bottlenecks in the completion of the GAP.

Verification of the financial information: The budget details as provided in the initial proposal are available in the EU web portal (SyGMa). We check all financial numbers and ensure that these are consistent with the submitted budget. This is particularly important in Initial Training Networks (ITNs) where a country correction coefficient needs to be applied to some allowances.

Completion of administrative forms (Part A): The Work Packages, Deliverables, Milestones and Risks need to be provided online. We prepare the required details for the Coordinator, seek approval from the project partners and upload the information into the EU web portal (SyGMa).

Completion of administrative forms (Part B): The main body of the initial proposal becomes the Part B with a slightly different structure and needs to be uploaded in SyGMa as a PDF file. We prepare the full document and advise the consortium on key issues to be reviewed. We then seek approval from the project partners and upload the document into the EU web portal (SyGMa).

Signing the Declaration of Honours (DoH): All project partners (Beneficiaries) are required to sign the DoH, a confirmation that the partner agrees on their project participation, online. We ensure that the PLSIGN of each partner organisation, i.e. the project legal signatory, has access to the project online forms in SyGMa and signs the DoH electronically prior to the submission deadline provided by EC in the “inivitation letter”.

Signing the EU Grant Agreement (EU GA): Once all of the above documents and forms have been submitted to the EC or REA, the EC Project, Financial and Administrative Officers will review the information and approve the documents. The EC will then issue the EU GA for signature by the consortium. We can assist you by checking the project specific details and managing the signature process, e.g. instructing the partners on the actions to be taken and ensuring that the EU GA is signed by the PLSIGN of each organisation prior to the deadline provided by EC in the “inivitation letter”.

Consortium Agreement (CA): The EC requires all Horizon 2020 consortia to establish a CA prior to the project start. However, the CA is a contract between the partners, i.e. Beneficiaries, and contains information that is complementary to those in the EU Grant Agreement and particularly on the use of project results. We draft the project specific CA using the DESCA or LERU models as a basis. We then distribute the draft document to all partners, and more particularly to their legal experts for review, compile their feedback and support the consortium during the negotiation process of the CA. We also initiate the signature process and ensure that all partners receive the duly signed documents to complete the process.

Preparation of the project start: In advance of the official project start and the kick-off meeting there are many tasks to be accomplished. We can help with the set-up of project specific templates, the organisation of the first consortium meeting and many other activities

If you are looking for a reliable EU project manager taking care of the administration, the finances and reporting and many more tasks, we would be pleased to hear from you. We are currently a partner or subcontractor for these and other activities, such as project dissemination, in more than a dozen EU funded projects.