In Horizon 2020 and other funding schemes, all project partners are expected to foster the exploitation of their results. As an exploitation partner in numerous EU projects we plan and implement activities focused on the effective use of project results. Our services include:

Managing exploitation

Exploitation plan: We support you in tailoring a successful exploitation plan and provide templates to structure your strategy process.

Data management: We create a Data Management Plan (DMP) specific to your project and in line with the project’s open access strategy.

IP management: Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are crucial for the protection of your innovation. We provide legal advice and assist the Innovation or IP Manager in related tasks.

Stakeholder-oriented measures

Stakeholder Management: We identify important stakeholder groups and subsequently develop a Stakeholder Engagement Plan for future cooperation.

End-user events: We foster the integration of potential end-users by organising meetings, demonstrations and innovation workshops.

Promotional material: We support you in raising public awareness by providing promotional material such as project factsheets, presentations, and online demonstrators.


Market analysis: Information about market conditions are essential for deliverables such as the Market Report. We evaluate your relevant environment and equip you with the foundation for strategic decisions.

Business model: A strong business model is in the centre of each exploitation strategy. We help you identify exploitable outcomes, develop suitable business models and plan the path-to-market.

Planning for the Life after

Exploitation roadmap: The exploitation of results after the project’s lifetime should be organised early enough. This includes agreements on the use of IPR, plans for follow-up R&D and the promotion of interim project results to prospective development partners.

Funding opportunities: We support project partners interested in receiving further funding for their research and innovation to find suitable funding schemes and apply for future grants.

Our exploitation portfolio: Examples

See also "our" funded projects and strategic grant planning.