In Horizon 2020 and other funding schemes, all project partners must disseminate their (non-confidential) results to the public as soon as possible. As a dissemination partner in numerous EU projects we plan and implement communication activities targeted at your stakeholders. We can help you inform your stakeholders about results with:

Planning instruments

Dissemination plan: The dissemination or outreach plan contains a communication strategy and a set of measures planned for the dissemination of project results and describes how to engage with the public. We create dissemination plans based on desktop research, quantitative and qualitative surveys, consortium internal and external stakeholder requirements as well as on our experience from other projects.

Project handbook: The purpose of the project handbook is to provide all project participants easy guidance on all important aspects of taking part in a collaborative EU funded project. The handbook is set up by accelopment, adapted to your specific project and is usually distributed to project partners in the first month of the project.

Publication guidelines: accelopment provides publication guidelines to coordinate and streamline partners’ publication activities. We provide guidance on how to comply with the Open Access requirements of funding agencies, we keep track of your publications, write reports on your publication activities and promote them on the project website and other online platforms.

Communication resources

Design resources: A corporate design manual (CD), including a logo, fonts and a colour-guide are created and provided to all partners by accelopment.

Templates: Depending on your requirements, accelopment provides templates for posters, slides, reports, minutes, deliverable and publication tracking, and more.

Communication measures

Project website: The website is designed according to a requirements analysis, conducted in collaboration with the project coordinator and partners. It is set up and maintained using a user-friendly Content Management System. If partners wish, they can edit the website as well. accelopment involves the teams of all project partners to create relevant content. Functionalities such as a secured member area with a collaborative document management and event registration can be integrated.

Print material and online tools: We handle the design and production print and online material like posters, brochures, flyers, banners, business cards, online presentations, picture galleries, interactive timelines or newsfeeds.

Videos: We provide support in creating and distributing project videos. To-date, we have created explainer videos, visualised project information and recorded interviews.

Events (e.g. exhibitions, demo days, guided visits): We coordinate and arrange project specific final events as well as international events open to external participants jointly with the local host.

Project meetings: We support the host of project internal and regular consortium meetings in the planning and organisation of the event. This includes the arrangements for the venue and logistics, and the draft agenda.

Other communication instruments: accelopment can also recommend other suitable communication instruments, and support partners at disseminating results through publications, media releases, policy briefs, roadmaps, training and workshops, demonstrations, online repositories and other means. Support can be provided in the form of, for example, concepts, editing and proofreading.

What started out back in 2008 during the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) has become a long history of supporting the communication of projects since, and our success has not halted with the transition to Horizon 2020. Some of our current projects include XoSoft, CHEOPS, Mat4Rail and EURO SHOCK. Further projects can be found under our list of funded projects and examples for our communication materials are presented in our communication portfolio.