In all the excitement of the many funding opportunities, you can lose sight of the bigger picture: What kind of projects do you want to get funded? Which ones are most crucial and which ones would be nice to have? When do relevant calls open in the next two years? What resources do you have available to prepare grant applications? Together, we help you answer these questions by exploring relevant funding programmes, identifying opportunities and developing a strategic and operational action plan for your project ideas.

Your objectives

  • Promote your project ideas and product development
  • Get your research and innovation funded
  • Identify possible EU funding opportunities
  • Plan grant applications for the next two years

Your benefits

  • Focus on best suitable funding schemes
  • Get a realistic time plan
  • Plan your resources for grant applications
  • Increase your efficiency with a strategic plan

Your take-home tools

  • Key facts on most promising funding schemes
  • Timeline covering proposal submissions for the next two years
  • Resources required for the application process (e.g. personnel, finances and effort)
  • Contingency plan

From idea to action

  • Phone call: We discuss your requirements and what we can offer.
  • Offer: Based on the phone call, we send you a formal offer.
  • First screening: Once you accept our offer, we will ask you a number of more questions before we do a first screening of funding opportunities.
  • Online meeting (1-2 hours): We present you the results of our first screening and discuss your project ideas and priorities. 
  • Face-to-face meeting (½ to 1 day): Before the meeting, we prepare an initial funding schemes overview and Gantt chart. During the meeting we refine the plan and discuss the use of resources and your contingency plan.
  • Delivery: Based on our meeting, we revise and deliver Gantt chart, contingency plan, resource requirements and key facts on most suitable funding schemes.

Our experts

Contact our experts directly per email or via the Contact Form for further information on our sgp service.