Project News

More than two years have passed, since the accelopment supported UNION project kicked off and the project is still going strongly. The project was recently reviewed by the Project Coordinator and the Project Officer and it is living up to its task. Before we get into the details of the report, let me explain, what the project is all about:

Before we go into details on the project, we need to know, what a so called “Nanoparticle” is. A nanoparticle is a tiny material, tiny, in the most literal sense. A nanoparticle is shorter than 100 µm. That’s about the diameter of human hair (which range from 17 to 181 µm). The aim of this project is to develop these materials in scalable and cost-effective processes. The scientists on the project are targeting three types of hierarchical materials for three different application areas:

  • Biomedical applications
  • Supported 2D arrays of NPCs for advanced high-throughput sensing and lighting applications
  • 3D nanocomposites for thermoelectric systems

And back to the report. The Project Coordinator and Project Officer have concluded that, “[a]lready within the first reporting period, the team has accomplished most of its original objectives”. Aside from that, the developments made by UNION have led to numerous publications in esteemed scientific journals as well as presentations at international conferences.