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We have previously written about two-stage topics in both the NMBT (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Production) and PM (Personalised Medicine) calls. These weren’t the only topics we’ve found with a two-stage submission scheme entering the second stage. After a careful examination we’ve found three further Horizon 2020 calls with topics that have entered the second stage: Greening the economy, Competitive low-carbon energy and Sustainable food security – resilient and resource-efficient value chains.

Greening the economy (H2020-SC5-2016-2017)

As part of the third pillar of Horizon 2020 (Societal Challenges) the Greening the Economy call is trying to lead Europe towards a low-carbon and sustainable future. For this topic we don’t have any numbers yet on how many proposals have passed the first stage. The reason being is that the first stage isn’t closed yet. You could potentially still hand in a proposal for the first stage, however you’re going to have to hurry because it’s closing in less than a week:

  • SC5-08-2017 (IA): Large-scale demonstrators on nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reduction
  • SC5-14-2016-2017 (IA): Raw materials Innovation actions
  • SC5-21-2016-2017 (IA): Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth

After the second stage, we’re expecting between 7-10 projects to be funded across these three topics. The decision on which proposal will be funded will be taken in September this year. Though there appears to be enough time to prepare the full proposal, that time will be needed.

Competitive low-carbon energy (H2020-LCE-2016-2017)

The second call we’re covering is also part of the third pillar of Horizon 2020. Competitive low carbon energy is looking for projects that will lead the EU towards an integrated energy system using renewable energy technologies. Three two-stage topics went through the first round of evaluation last November:

  • LCE-06-2017 (RIA): New knowledge and technologies
  • LCE-07-2016-2017 (RIA): Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling
  • LCE-31-2016-2017 (RIA): Social Sciences and Humanities Support for the Energy Union

Because the first stage has already shut we were able to do some calculations on how many projects we expect to receive funding. For the topic LCE-06-2017 we expect between 5-10 projects to pass the evaluation, for the topic LCE-07-2016-2017 around 13-33 and for the topic LCE-31-2016-2017 between 2-5 projects.

Sustainable food security – Resilient and resource-efficient value chains (H2020-SFS-2016-2017)

Rounding off the list is another call in the third pillar. Sustainable food security (SFS) is looking to create (among other things) more resilient and resource efficient value chains, environment-smart and climate-smart primary production and a competitive food industry. In the SFS call there are a total of 18 topics that have just entered the second stage during the last weeks. A complete list can be found on the EC website. Because of the many SFS calls, the budget is a bit more stretched out across the individual topics. As such, we expect there to be between 26-27 projects eventually funded from all the topics following the two-stage submission scheme.

What accelopment offers

Surviving the first stage of a two-stage topic is a good indication that your idea is seen as valuable and worth funding. The good news is that your chances are greatly increased when compared to a topic with a single-stage submission scheme. However, the competition for funding will remain fierce. Only an excellent proposal has any chance of success. The workload for preparing a full proposal is often underestimated and this is where accelopment’s offered services help.

Our experience helped guide the CHEOPS project through a two-stage submission process. CHEOPS has been running for a year, with the aim to develop very low-cost but highly performing photovoltaic devices based on the emerging perovskite technology. The consortium also used accelopment’s services during the contract negotiation and as a partner on the project we are responsible for the project management and dissemination.

We at accelopment have a long history of writing successful proposals. There is still time to take up our proposal writing services for proposals in the second stage of the submission process. Our services are available for all three of the discussed topics. For any questions and full contact details visit our contact page.