Funding News

The year 2015 was a busy one for FET Open proposals. There were a total of 822 submissions and many of them are expected to have scored highly but couldn’t secure any funding due to the strong competition. It is likely that the proposals with a high score will be resubmitted this or next year. This year's Horizon 2020 FET Open call is still open until the 11th May 2016. The next cut-off dates are scheduled for 17th January and 27th September 2017. Those planning to resubmit their proposals need to be aware that there are new requirements in the main proposal document. These changes mainly affect the Part B, in particular sections 1-3. Here are some important changes that need to be taken into consideration. These details can be found in the template provided by the EC:

  • Section 1: Renaming of some of the sub-headings and omission of the section “Relation to the work programme” (p. 4)
  • Sub-header 2.1: Impact on technology and/or society (p. 5)
  • Sub-header 2.2: Impact on future leadership (p. 5)
  • Sub-header 3.1: New reporting durations (each project will have to hand in a report in the 12th month, later reports will depend on the project length) (p. 7)

These changes need to be included in any resubmission for it to stand a chance. Another, often underrated, important step is choosing matching descriptors and free keywords for your submission. The four experts evaluating the proposal will be chosen on the basis of these.

About FET Open

FET Open funds highly innovative projects. It is an interesting call for new and promising ideas. Not only established partners are wanted in the consortium, but also high-potential actors in research and innovation (such as young researchers and high-tech SMEs). One of the goals is to help transform these potentials into scientific and industrial leaders of the future. The European Commission defines the FET Open ‘gatekeepers’ as the following:

  • ambitious scientific and technological breakthrough goal
  • foundational character
  • high degree of novelty
  • high-risk
  • long-term vision
  • deep synergistic interdisciplinary approach

accelopment and FET Open

accelopment has successfully supported a FET Open proposal in 2015. This proposal is 1 of the 13 projects that will receive funding (more details to follow soon). You can find out how accelopment can help your proposal on our website or contact us directly through the contact form.