Funding News

As of 14 October 2015, there are 53 new funding opportunities for researchers, developers and innovators: The EC has published new calls for proposals in all three pillars of Horizon 2020 (Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership, Societal Challenges) which are now open for submission. Several billion euro are available for different types of projects, including Research and Innovation Actions, more applied Innovation Actions and Coordination and Support Actions.

If you are working in any of the following thematic areas, then you might want to check out the calls – and contact us for further advice:

  • Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Production: The range of topics in this area is very broad – from conversion of waste into added-value bio-based products to nanomedicine, solar energy to manufacturing technologies. All in all, there are 23 open calls in this area. Our recently-funded project CHEOPS and UNION are exemplary projects for what is possible in this thematic area.
  • Energy Efficiency: Open calls in this area cover work regarding heating and cooling, change of and research on consumers’ behavior regarding energy efficiency and deep renovation of buildings. There are 7 open calls in this area.
  • Mobility: These calls address aviation, maritime traffic as well as public transportation, road traffic, logistics, intelligent transportation systems and transport manufacturing. There are 20 open calls in this area.
  • Green Vehicles: Hybridisation of road vehicles, electromobility, powertrains and implementation of future road transport technologies are the topics of the 4 open calls in this area.
  • Automated Road Transport: These 4 open calls cover four basic perspectives on automated road transport: technology of passenger cars, safety and acceptance by the end user, road infrastructure and coordination of activities in this area.
  • Food systems and Water Resources: There is one open call aiming to find innovative solutions to sustainable food production and water use in Euro-Mediterranean societies.
  • ICT Security: Two open calls address assurance and certification of secure ICT systems and digital security of health related data. While not in this specific call topic, our projects S-HELP and EAGLE are located in the ICT-sector.
  • Personalized Medicine: There are 23 open calls in this thematic area, ranging from new therapies for chronic diseases to digital health literacy.
  • Any research conducted by an excellent researcher: The ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellent researchers who now have their PhD for 7 to 12 years (as of 1 January 2016) and aim to conduct ground-breaking, ambitious research.
  • Innovative Training Networks: The ITN funding scheme supports joint research training and/or doctoral programmes for universities and research institutions and companies alike. ClickGene and EXCILIGHT are two such European Training Networks (ETN) and NeoGel a European Industrial Doctorate (EID) that we are currently involved in. See also our post on important changes in ETN proposal template.

Wonder whether we can actually give you a hand in evaluating your project or writing a proposal in one of these areas? Then have a look at our current and past collaborations – or just give it a try and contact us.