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EEB, EJD or SFS.  MG, CIP or EA. Once you enter the world of Horizon 2020 projects you enter the never ending  world of acronyms. We’ve been working in this area for years and still get lost in the meaning of acronyms and that is why we’ve created a brand new flyer detailing all the acronyms of the three Horizon 2020 pillars. So in the future you’ll be able to easily find out that EEB stands for Energy-efficient buildings, EJD stands for European Joint Doctorates and SFS stands for Sustainable Food Security. Alongside that you’ll be able to impress your colleagues by knowing that MG is short for Mobility for Growth, CIP is short for Critical infrastructure protection and EO is short for Earth Observation.

The new Flyer can be downloaded from our website. If that isn’t enough Horizon 2020 fuelled fun for you, check out the H2020guide.