Funding News

During the past week the EC has released the overall results of the H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017. Since we felt the numbers didn’t reveal much information, we’ve had a look at them, run some calculations and will detail our observations in this post.

ITN 2017 success rate

By far the most sought after number each year is the success rate. We’ve managed to approximately calculate these with the numbers the EC has provided. These percentages are based on the proposals receiving an evaluation score above the threshold:

  • MSCA-ITN-2017-ETN success rate: 8%
  • MSCA-ITN-2017-EID success rate: 12%
  • MSCA-ITN-2017-EJD success rate: 13%

Without knowing how many proposals will eventually be funded, these numbers aren’t certain. In total there will be between 90 and 154 proposals receiving funding across the whole call.


Of the 1437 proposals submitted, between 65 and 125 are within the funding range. There were no ineligible proposals submitted this year and only 169 proposals received an evaluation below the threshold. If the actual success rate were to remain at 8% it would signify an increase compared to the past year.


Around 8-11% of all submitted and eligible proposals will be funded. That means that 16-20 of the 193 proposals submitted haven been successful. Despite the lower number of proposals submitted, compared to ETN, there were 2 ineligible proposals. A total of 159 proposals managed to receive an evaluation score above the threshold.


There where 88 proposals for a European Joint Doctorates submitted of which 2 were ineligible. Of the 86 remaining proposals, 71 received an evaluation score above the threshold. Of the 86 eligible proposals, between 9 -10% will be receiving funding. That translates to a total of 7 or 8 projects.

ITN proposal successful – what now?

For all the successful proposals, the next phase has already begun: Grant preparations. We have many years of experience in this field; accelopment can offer any consortium the assistance it needs during this phase. In projects our roles include supporting the project management and coordinating the dissemination activities. Alongside that, accelopment also offers ESR workshops. Working as a partner organisation or subcontractor, accelopment’s services during the project implementation are covered by the project funding. All of the roles mentioned above are currently being carried out in four running ITN projects: Train2Target, PEARRL, EXCILIGHT and ClickGene.