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Have you already applied for a Horizon 2020 ITN call ? For the current call (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015) you need to take the following 8 changes into account:
1) No project summary is needed anymore
2) Table 1.1. Work Package List: Order of columns has changed
3) The sub-heading under 1.3 “Non-academic contribution to the supervision” is not required anymore
4) 1.4.2 Synergies between participants is a new required sub-heading
5) Table 3.1b List of Deliverables: Description column has disappeared, order has changed and table is divided into Scientific Deliverables and Management, Training and Dissemination Deliverables
6) Table 3.1c Milestones List: Columns “Means of Verification” and “Lead Beneficiary” were added, “Description” was dropped
7) 3.2.1 “…strategy for dealing with scientific misconduct” was added to the sub-heading
8) Table 3.2a Implementation Risks was added to the sub-heading 3.2.6 “Risk management”
The current Horizon 2020 call for Innovative Training Networks (ITN), offering 370 million euro of funding overall, is open until 13 January 2015.
If you wish to write a project proposal for Horizon 2020 or another EU funding scheme we would be delighted to assist you.
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