Funding News

In our blog we have generally been presenting news on events, funding opportunities and infographics. Today, however, we would like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes and talk about the people who eventually will evaluate (or have evaluated) your proposal.

The evaluators pulling the strings behind the scenes are external experts (that is what the EC calls them) and they can be either from academia, a company or any other organisation. All of them are required to sign an agreement with the EC to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Not only can an expert evaluate H2020 proposals but there are three further areas where the help of experts is needed:

  • An expert can monitor the progress of on-going projects,
  • An expert can design research and innovation (R&I) policies for the European Union and
  • An expert can evaluate research and innovation (R&I) programmes.

Experts are selected by the EC and anyone who fulfils the following requirements can register to become an expert:

  • You must have a high-level of expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation.
  • You must be available for occasional, short-term assignments.

For anyone interested in how a proposal is evaluated, the form on how an expert judges a proposal can be downloaded from the ECs website.

This blog serves as an introduction to a number of posts on evaluators we will be releasing in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for more news and statistics about the EC experts.