Project News

There have been some changes made to the Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement (MGA) that will affect all projects under Horizon 2020. Already started projects (we’ve received notifications for our Horizon 2020 projects) will be updated to the new MGA retroactively. The changes will benefit project partners by reducing some administrative tasks. We’ve examined the updated MGA and collected the most important changes for you:

  • Article 4.2 (budget transfers): The estimated budget can now be adjusted without any amendments. New in this case is the fact that direct personnel costs can also be moved around without an amendment.
  • Article 6.2A (direct personnel costs): There’s a new algorithm to calculate the hourly rate per month: {actual monthly personnel cost (excluding additional remuneration) for the person} / {number of annual productive hours / 12}.
  • Article 34.2 (activities raising ethical issues): Before an activity is started all the documents need to be available as usual. However these documents will not have to be handed in anymore, although the EC can request them at any time.
  • Article 48, 49 and 50.3: In case of a suspension of funding the EC will work directly with the beneficiary. This is due to privacy concerns.

Above all, project consortia will not have to do anything to profit from these changes. All projects have been adapted to the new model grant agreement.