Excellent project proposals require the best from scientists and industry, but also skills of highly experienced EC proposal writers, and that is where accelopment excels.

Dr Leonard O'Sullivan
University of Limerick, IE


accelopment challenged us, as scientists, to identify why our idea really mattered and demanded fine detail in every aspect of our proposal. It is in these margins that success can be achieved.

Prof Andrew Kellett
Dublin City University, IE

Our consortium is delighted to be working with accelopment, as their work experience is invaluable in achieving our research objectives.

Dr John O'Donoghue
University College Cork, IE

Working with accelopment was truly inspiring. As scientists we know how to write a good scientific proposal, but accelopment lifts it up in terms of focus and quality.

Dr Andreas Heise
RCSI Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, IE

Successful proposals require more than high quality science. Researchers will benefit from involving accelopment.

Prof Dirk Pfeiffer
Royal Veterinary College, UK

Managing an EU project is a complex process but easy if you know how and know-how is what accelopment has in plenty.

Peadar Mac Gabhann
Biostór Ireland Ltd, IE

We had an excellent idea and good partners, but no roadmap to a cohesive proposal and severe time pressure, accelopment showed us the way.

Dr Dermot Brougham
University College Dublin, IE

Efficient management of an EU project requires experience in finances, reporting & administration. accelopment structures proposal writing into manageable steps.

Prof Katharina Staerk
Royal Veterinary College, UK / Safoso AG, CH

The expertise in the management of EU funding programmes is crucial for the success of a project. accelopment is a valuable partner and its longtime experience is essential for achieving our objectives.

Prof Wernher van de Venn
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, CH

accelopment was the key to our success in garnering funding for the PEARRL project; we are looking forward to their continued support as the project progresses.

Prof Dr Jennifer Dressman
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, DE

As soon as a question arises concerning funding, accelopment already delivers the answer.

Roger Roth
ITS Industrie- und Technozentrum Schaffhausen, CH

Turning a good idea into a project with tangible results required guidance.

Prof Jonathan Rushton
University of Liverpool, UK

„Very good“ is not enough to obtain EU funding. accelopment helped us to make our proposal excellent – a difference which paid off.

Dr Eric Ras
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

EU project coordination is not for the faint hearted. With the support of accelopment it becomes an exciting journey.

Prof Dr Sabine Moebs
Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg, DE

The preparation of a Horizon 2020 proposal extends beyond technical knowledge and requires great experience and organization skills. accelopment has been an invaluable partner in the drafting of the Train2Target proposal and its longtime experience will be essential for achieving our objectives.

Prof Alessandra Polissi, University of Milano, IT

We had 23 partners from 17 countries. Our biggest challenge was to assemble the right forms and the budgets from all our partners in good time.

Prof Anthony Staines
Dublin City University, IE

Our project organization including the management structure was adapted to the needs of an FP7 Initial Training Network.

Prof Ariel Ruiz i Altaba
Université de Genève, CH

Developing a work plan that effectively merged a cross-disciplinary partnership from academia and industry was critical to the success of our FP7 ICT proposal.

Prof Tony Killard

University of the West of England, UK

Applying for EU grants should carry a ‘PG’ warning…don’t try this unsupervised! accelopment provided the expertise, guidance and know-how to make the difference between a good idea for research funding and a successfully funded research grant.

Dr Brendan Griffin
University College Cork, IE

The Eurostars project Optobrain had an enormous impact on the growth of our start-up company NeMoDevices. Support by accelopment in project application and contract negotiations was truly unique.

Prof Emanuela Keller
University of Zurich, CH and NeMoDevices AG, CH

Writing a Horizon 2020 proposal is an immense task that requires experience and great organizational skills. accelopment provided that and much more to the XoSoft proposal.

Dr Jesus Ortiz
Italian Institute of Technology, IT

Having on board an experienced partner that is ready to assist in the solution of any management hassles is an invaluable help to a project coordinator. I strongly recommend it.

Prof Luca Guadabassi
Ross University, DK

What will prevent your funding application from crash-landing and really make it fly is the right… accelopment!

Dr Theodossis Athanassios Theodossiou
Oslo University Hospital, NO

Project internal procedures such as decision-making and IP matters were well-defined in our proposal.

Prof Michael Woods
Aberystwyth University, UK

The true commitment of our industrial partners were crucial for the JTI New Energy World programme.

Olivier Bucheli
HTceramix SA, CH