Our objective is to promote the dissemination and facilitate the future exploitation of EU project results. As a dissemination partner in numerous EU projects we plan and implement a wide range of communication activities targeted to different stakeholder groups. Take a look at various examples in our communication portfolio.

  • Dissemination and exploitation plan development
  • Project website development
  • Articles and press releases
  • Design and production of dissemination material: brochures, flyers, factsheets, scientific posters, newsletters, etc.
  • Digital communication materials and channels: social media, multimedia content (infographics, online training delivery, explainer videos, e-newsletters, etc.)
  • Event organisation: Workshops, project conferences, participation in exhibitions, etc.
  • Publication monitoring and documentation
  • IPR strategy and monitoring
  • Exploitation planning


accelopment has been a subcontractor for project dissemination and management in several FP7 and H2020 Marie Curie Initial Training Networks: HEALING, SYSWIND, REFINE, TRAIN-ASAP, ClickGene, EXCILIGHT and PEARRL. Additionally, we support the European Industrial Doctorates (EID) programme NeoGel. In this role, we assume responsibility for non-core tasks for the benefit of all network partner:


Support of Internal Communication
  • Provision of regularly updated contact and mailing list to the client and all project partners.
  • Organisation of scheduled telephone and skype conferences within the network.
Project Handbook
  • Provision of a project handbook.
  • Distribution to each project partner in the first month of the project
Project Website

Set-up, design and maintenance of the project website for the full duration of the project:

  • The website is designed according to the preferences of the client.
  • The website will be set up and maintained using a web-based Content Management System. Access will be provided to the client and project partners if wished to contribute and edit its contents. accelopment will actively involve the scientific teams of all project partners for the creation of the website content.
  • The ESRs will be supported in uploading and maintaining research findings on the website.
  • Additional functionalities such as a secured member area and event registration will be installed by the service provider upon prior mutual agreement between both parties.
  • The project website will be placed on a project specific domain. The domain will be registered and administrated by accelopment.
  • The website will be hosted externally at the expense of the service provider.
Communication Materials

Provision of communication materials for print and electronic material:

  • accelopment will create a corporate design (CD) manual or have one commissioned. This includes a logo, fonts and colour-guide among other things.
  • Project factsheet and flyer.
  • Templates for posters and PowerPoint presentations, all in accordance of the corporate design.
Dissemination and Exploitation or Outreach Plan

Assistaning the client in compiling the

  • Dissemination and Exploitation or
  • Outreach Plan.
External Communication

Assistance of the client and project partners in the organisation and external communication of network-wide events:

  • Support the local hosts of the project internal events in organising the planned training events as specified in the Description of Action (DoA).
  • Coordinate and arrange the international events open to external participants as per Annex I jointly with the Client and the respective local host.
  • Promote network-wide events through communication channels such as websites, and flyers and the support of mailings.
  • Follow-up of network-wide events, e.g. via online surveys on the project website.
Promotion of Project Results
  • Promotion of project results on the project website and in mailinglists.
  • Promotion of network-wide training activities.
  • Assisting the ESRs in social media activities.
Outreach Activities

Assistance in implementing the outreach activities as laid down in the Description of Action.