Funding Advice

Searching for an appropriate funding programme to finance your R&D and innovation project? Together, we identify the best suitable scheme for your venture – at national or EU level.

EU Project Training

Interested in expanding your knowledge in EU funding programmes, proposal writing and project management? We offer hands-on workshops with many exercises, one-to-one meetings and fundinars.

Proposal Writing

Preparing a project proposal for Horizon 2020 or another (EU) funding scheme? We would be delighted to jointly elaborate a competitive grant application with you.

Contract Negotiations

Requiring assistance for the contract negotiations of your innovation project? We execute all tasks in this mostly administrative process – including the consortium agreement.

Project Management

Looking for a reliable partner for (EU) Project Management? We assume responsibility for administration, reporting, finances, the organisation of meetings and many more tasks.

Project Communications

Keen on disseminating and exploiting your project results? As a project partner, we create websites, print material and various other communication tools, support you in organising project events, and develop marketing plans.