Project News

At accelopment we have always shown a special interest towards research in renewable and sustainable energy technologies, which is why we are happy to be involved in many projects in this growing and highly innovative field. The most recently approved Horizon 2020 projects we are supporting are:

  • The SOSLeM project which aims towards cost reductions and resource efficiency for the manufacturing of fuel cell stacks. These are a key component for European manufacturing and market penetration of solid oxide fuel cells in the highly competitive global fuel cell markets.
  • The CHEOPS project which deals with the development of the next generation of highly efficient and yet affordable solar cells.

SOSLeM (Solid Oxide Stack Lean Manufacturing) is funded within the frame of the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) and benefits from a previous successful collaboration between HTceramix and accelopment during the ADEL project, another FCH JU project which focused on the development of cost-competitive, high energy efficient and sustainable hydrogen production based on renewable energy sources. One of these renewable energy sources, wind energy, was addressed in a further project we participated in: SYSWIND was a European Training Network (FP7 ITN) to train highly qualified researchers in the area of new wind turbine technology.
On a national level, accelopment is an active member and collaborator of the energie-cluster.ch, a national network dedicated to promote industry-academia collaborations in energy research and to bring energy technologies from the research domain into the marketplace. As part of this long-standing cooperation, we offer our expertise to Swiss energy researchers and innovative companies with a focus on identifying the best funding opportunities and supporting the grant applications. In recent years the supported projects covered a broad range of technologies for energy generation (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal, biomass), energy conversion and storage (e.g. fuel cells, batteries, fly-wheels, power to gas) as well as energy efficiency in industry, transport and heating and cooling systems. The latest successful proposal on national level was supported by our expert in energy technology, Dr Johannes Ripperger. It involved the assistance of Geo-Energie Suisse AG in winning a grant from the Swiss national Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) for their project on the optimised planning of large-scale geothermal power plants.