Company News

Yesterday, all consortia that submitted an ITN (Innovative Training Network) proposal received an email informing on the invitation or rejection to obtain funding for the project. We are aware that most of these emails have not delivered good news with an expected success rate of around 6% for ETNs (European Training Networks) although the official statistics are not yet known. The evaluation report for each project, which can be downloaded from ECAS, give a detailed explanation as to why the project will or will not be funded.

For the projects fortunate enough to receive funding, the next phase begins: grant preparations . The consortia now have two weeks to submit the grant agreement data, including annexes, to the European Commission (EC). Following the assessment of the submitted version of the grant agreement data, there will be another two weeks to prepare the final version.

The EC expects all project partners, namely the beneficiaries, to sign the declarations of honour within four weeks as of now. The EC grant agreements should be signed within three months after the notification.

accelopment had the pleasure of supporting a proposal which scored >96% in the evaluation and has been invited for its grant preparation. This is our fourth Horizon 2020 ETN, following ClickGene, EXCILIGHT and PEARRL. We will also be assisting the network in preparing the Part A (online forms) and the Part B (narrative part) of the Description of Action (DoA). We will be giving extra support to those partners who are new to EU projects. They will need to be validated with the Research Executive Agency`s (REA) Validation Service. We will also draft and then negotiate the Consortium Agreement between the partners  

We would like to congratulate all successful consortia and offer our support to anyone needing an experienced helping hand during the grant preparations or the project implementation. You can find our contact details on the website to receive an offer.