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Now that we’ve read about what it takes to find ESRs and how to get them signed up it’s time for the next step: The starting phase. A few things we’re going to mention might seem arbitrary, for instance collecting contact details. However, it’s the small things that get easily forgotten during the lifetime of a multi-year project, but it’s often the details that make the difference.

Contact details

Getting the ESRs contact details written down and saved in a central repository is always one of the first things we do, because once the project is in full swing this step is all to easy to forget. Since the ESRs will generally finish well before the project is over, it’s also an important step, because we often need to be able to contact them after they have left the project, e.g. for the follow-up questionnaires of the European Commission. When working with accelopment, small things won’t be forgotten and this contact list will be a available to partners via a password protected document management system at any time.

Online profile

At accelopment we always create a website suited to the individual project. Not just the things that are being developed, but also the people working on them are our centre point. ESRs are an important part of any ITN and that is why we also set up individual profiles for each of them (see the ClickGene project for example). Although there is for once no rule for this, we feel like everybody contributing to a project deserves recognition.

Info package

The info package is a service that accelopment provides for all ESRs. It is a collection of documents explaining not just the ins and outs of the project but also the rights and obligations of any ESR. The feedback we’ve received on this info package has always been very positive and the documents provided often represent the ESR’s initial main source of information on the project.

ITN and accelopment

What started out back in 2008 during the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) has become a long history of supporting ITNs since, and our success has not halted with the transition to Horizon 2020. Our roles include writing the proposal, advising partners during contract negotiations, supporting in project management and coordinating the dissemination activities. Alongside that, accelopment also offers ESR workshops. Working as a partner organisation or subcontractor, accelopment’s services during the project implementation are covered by the project funding. All of the roles mentioned above are currently being carried out in four running ITN projects: Train2Target, PEARRL, EXCILIGHT and ClickGene.


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